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tripadvisorI travel a lot in my work and I'm constantly researching new regions. Like the average traveler I encounter the best and the worst of hotels, restaurants and service providers.

Over the last while I've reviewed some of these businesses on TripAdvisor with a view to advising my clients of the best restaurants to eat in or the hotels to avoid. I hope it proves helpful to you the next time you're trying to find a cheap central hotel in Paris or Bologna, or a charming restaurant in Dublin.

I only review businesses with whom I do not have a direct client/vendor relationship as I feel it would be unfair to do so. I visit as a regular, unbiased paying guest.  I only use businesses for Fresh Eire Adventures who have consistently offered exemplary, consistent service levels and thus you will not find them listed on my TripAdvisor account.

TripAdvisor is a wonderful resource for travelers when used correctly. It is a user-led database and as such I would advise that isolated instances of, for example, 5 star reviews among a plethora of 1 star reviews (and vice versa) should be taken with a proverbial pinch of salt. Also please feel free to search for reviews of Fresh Eire Adventures - some of our previous guests have very generously taken the time to write a review or Trip Report of their experience with us.

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